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Data Import/Export

Easily import and export existing spreadsheet data to and from CattleGator, saving time and money.

CattleGuard On Laptop
Cloud Access

Allows all people who have permission, to access any piece of data live; from anywhere. Real-time communication between ranchers, their accountants, feed yards and banks with server side sharing and security.

CattleGuard in the Cloud
Set Permissions

Set Permissions for all data, either in groups of data, or even down to each individual piece of data so that you can share only what you want to share with a client, banker, or partner. With encrypted security no one gets the data unless you want them to. Assign permissions to those who can hedge or make changes to lot information such as average head per day on feed or mortality figures.

Secured Padlock
Detailed Reports

Get an instant report on which lots are hedged and which are not. View inventory, debits, credits, finances, hedges, etc. Quickly obtain calculations and stats such as break even, cost of gain, and feed cost, total head per day and much more. View on screen or print.

Reports Windows
Trade From The Lot

Trading directly from the lot automatically associates the position with the lot. When you close the lot, you can move the positions to a different lot or close the trades right there, through your broker, electronically.

CattleGuard Trade Window
Dashboard Customization

Choose which fields show up on your dashboard at any time. Save all your commonly used dashboard views.

CattleGuard Customization


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